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We are the Chemistry and Biochemistry student organisation for the University of Turku. We’re known as TYK (ry), which is shorthand for Turun Yliopiston Kemistit. We work as a bridge between the students and the staff as well as TYY. We offer various leisure time activities and events for the entertainment of our members. TYK ry is the oldest student organisation in University of Turku and was founded in 1935. To represent ourselves we wear scarlet red overalls with black text, which are beloved by our members and students of our fields.


To become a member, you should be a chemistry or biochemistry student or be interested in these subjects. You can buy our membership from

You are welcome at the Vetokaappi every day at any time. Orbitaali (Aurum A103) is open for members that have applied for access (updated every fall), on weekdays between 8am-4pm. During on-call hours (see below), you may pay your membership fee, buy lab coats and patches for overalls, and take care of any official business. Payment options are card, Mobilepay and cash.

Kraatteri can be found in the downstairs of Q-house (Nummenpuistokatu 2, 20540 Turku). Entrance to Kraatteri is the metal door on the outside of Q-house. You cannot pass through the lobby on the ground floor, because if it is open, it is rented by someone else.

On-call hours

On call hours are held in Aurum A103 (Orbitaali) once a week. The hours are notified weekly. If you have any questions relating to on-call hours or anything else, please contact the board (

Membership benefits

  • Free coffee and tea
  • You can use our computer and printer
  • You can rent Kraatteri free of charge for your own use
  • Access to our exam archives online (found on our website under ”Tenttitärpit”, contact for password)
  • TYK ry’s very own magazine TYKKI – released three times a year in Finnish

Kinfo-mailing list

Consider joining our Kinfo mailing list to get first-hand information on various matters of events, studies, jobs, and other notices. 

To join the Kinfo mailing list send an email to Reply to the confirmation email without any changes to the title or content. If you need to leave the mailing list, just send an email to and repeat the steps you took when you sent the joining email.

Kinfo email content is written first in Finnish and then in English, if the email is of any concern to its English-speaking readers. For further instructions on joining the group, please contact Aino Pyörre at

Contact information

Postal address:
Turun Yliopiston Kemistit TYK ry
Henrikinkatu 2
20014 Turun yliopisto

Board of the year 2024

Hilla Nieminen

Eevi Kallio
Vice-chairman, chemistry educational politics (chairpersons) (educational politics)

Ville Kautto
Treasurer and IT-management

Nanna Tuorila
Secretary, publicist

Anna Nurmi
Company co-operator, excursion

Vilma Ryynänen
Event managers

Aino Pyörre
Event manager, international affairs (event) /

Pihla Niini
Sports events manager

Sara Simonen
Biochemistry educational politics

Sanni Korhonen
Social politics

Iida Hämäläinen
Tutor and freshman manager, equality affairs

Aada Puosi
Room and environment manager

Anette Mehto
Textiles and supplies manager, excursion